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Medical Billing

  • Billing & Collection Outsourcing
    • From charge capture through the final payment being posted and deposited, we will handle all aspects of the billing process and make sure all necessary reimbursements are received.
  • Monthly Reporting
    • Customized reports are generated and delivered to our clients on a monthly basis. These reports help us, as well as the clinic, track the productivity and progress of the clinic.
  • AR and Collection Analysis
    • Analyzed on a monthly or quarterly basis, Accounts Receivable will help to show the current and future viability of the organization. If evaluated correctly these reports help with budgeting or determining any issues with a clinics payor mix.


  • General Office Oversight
    • Work hand in hand with management and staff to improve daily production and work flow while taking into account the financial, clinical, and human resource aspects of the organization.
  • Staff Evaluations
    • Perform annual employee evaluations and reviews as well as make recommendations regarding salary or wage changes.
  • Insurance Contract Analysis
    • Review managed care contracts and fee schedules and make recommendation to the facility as to how to proceed with the process.
  • Implementing Policies and Procedures
    • Discuss and review employee manuals and job descriptions to determine if any revisions are necessary. Recommend and refine these manuals as needed to improve clinic quality and efficiency.

Finance & Accounting*

  • Payroll Processing
    • eHealthcare can take care of all of your payroll processing needs including direct deposit to employee accounts, filing of all federal and state tax returns and reports, W-2 processing and submission.
  • Accounts Payable Processing
    • eHealthcare can process all vendor payables including monthly expense reports to the client.
  • Income Tax Planning & Preparation
    • Income tax planning and preparation is an essential part of all small businesses. Let us help you manage and in many instances reduce income taxes and increase owner benefits.
  • Financial Statements
    • Preparation of financial statements can be a costly function for small to medium sized clinics. By outsourcing this function, you can benefit from years of expertise and lower employee costs.
*Services provided by Waguespack, Gallagher, and Barbara, LLC

Medical Records Copy Service*

  • As a medical records copy service, we take care of your insurance company, patient, attorney, and workers comp requests.
*Services provided by eHealthcare Records Service, LLC


  • HIPAA Risk Analysis
    • Our compliance team will help evaluate your situation and make a game plan to ensure HIPPA compliance.
  • HIPAA Risk Management
    • We offer training of new employees, annual renewal training for your clinic, and keep all course work and completion certificates on file.